ARKANSAS HONEY GOLD KENNELS is located in Bentonville, Arkansas. Nestled in the foothills of the Ozarks in the far northwest corner of the state. We fell in love with goldens many years ago as their facial expressions and warm hearts melted ours. The golden is a high energy wonderfully dynamic companion for those who want to be very active and those who just want a companion with which to walk. They are very active from birth to three. Do not mistake them for a couch potato until they have completely matured. Their captivating heart and loyalty to their people make them one of the most sought after breeds. The golden temperament compares to none. They are magical in every arena of life. To be a homebody, working dog in the field, therapy dog, service dog , and companion to children, adults and the elderly. Whatever their job, they are loyal to it.
As of 2012, we have added goldendoodles to our breeding program. They maintain the same great personality of the golden while being somewhat smaller and shed less. We are raising English Creme doodles and they are the standard size weighing in at 45-50 lb. They too will have all of their clearances to help insure a well bred puppy.
We decided to begin raising goldens after noticing that most of the breed in this area came from puppy mill stock. Melissa, who has worked with a veterinarian for 14 years, found that the dogs coming in had major health and behavior issues due to poor breeding. We began searching for good stock with health clearances to start our kennel. We purchased them in 1990 and began our pursuit to bring good looking, sound dogs with the golden temperament to northwest Arkansas.
Currently we have both the American Golden and the English Creme golden. The American golden is what you typically see in shades of light gold to mahogany. The English creme is nearly white. Both have great personalities and temperaments.
Our pups are raised in a loving home with lots of attention and affection. Their parents have health clearances and the pups come with a health guarantee. We prefer to sell our pups with a limited registration but will talk to you if you are interested in an unlimited registration.
Before purchasing a golden puppy, please research the breed and be aware of what you are purchasing. A golden who comes into your home should be a family member not just a back yard dog to be visited on occasion. If left alone for long periods of time, with no socialization with their families, goldens can develop bad habits and separation anxiety. If you are looking for a dog to keep just in your back yard, you are not looking for a golden.
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